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Re: How can I tell if my GH1 is hacked?

As was posted earlier, your camera has been hacked, since it shows firmware 0.0, which is only possible for a hacked camera.

Hacking isn't difficult, but it can seem complex if you're not well-versed in video technology. Hacking allows changing many variables, and if you didn't hack it yourself you can't check which variables and values have been changed by just looking through the camera menus. As others have said, you'll need to shoot some video and dissect the output to check your camera's hacked settings.

With current tools the GH1 can be hacked repeatedly, and there's no single hack. There are folks who dedicate several SD cards to different hacks, re-flashing the firmware depending on what they're shooting. Highest framerate hack, highest stable framerate hack, best lowlight video hack, etc. Resetting the firmware version to 0.0 each time made that practical.

The home of GH1 hacking is here:

If the link doesn't work, go to, then look at the HDSLR forums. Drill down a couple levels for the GH13 Hack forum.

I doubt you'll find "an expert willing to check your camera for proper hacking." There is no "correct" hack, and though it's possible to choose variables that cause instability, as long as your camera shoots video without dropping frames or hanging up, you probably don't have anything to worry about. If you want to know more, dive into the GH13 forum on dvxuser.

If you're looking for help there, your best bet might be to take some time to learn about the hacking process before asking for help. Check out the FAQ fer sure. Everybody there is self-taught, and I don't see a lot of patience for the: "I'm a newbie, I haven't spent any of my own time trying to figure anything out, please spend your time to bring me up to speed" approach.

IMHO, if you're not a serious videographer and don't have a thorough understanding of the settings/variables involved, there's not much benefit to hacking. It does allow better video output and much more setting control, but if you're only a casual video user you may not see any meaningful difference in output.

I hacked my GH1 because it was possible and I thought it'd be cool, but I shoot very little video, and I'm pretty clueless about all the technology. I didn't hurt anything, but I still shoot very little video and couldn't swear my video output is any better post-hack. I don't really know what I'm looking at, or what to look for. Mostly I learned just how little I know about video. Makes still photography look like child's play.

But have fun with the GH1, it's a great cam!

Originally Posted by rrobinson54 View Post
Are there any experts on doing a hack on GH1 cameras that could check my camera and make sure it has been hacked properly? Dumb question - is it difficult to hack the GH1?
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