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Thread: DIY Pentax 110 to mFT adapter with Iris

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    DIY Pentax 110 to mFT adapter with Iris

    I am new to this forum – Hello from Cologne Germany!

    From what I have read so far, this seems to be a good place for people with some appetite for DIY…

    Here is my latest acquisition from Panasonic, with a Pentax FA 1,8/31 attached.
    I should have liked such a camera from Pentax, but well, so far they prefer dumping the money into an elusive 645D project…

    Using this camera with the 31 lens is no fun either, too bulky and too heavy and simply over the top, the 31 being a "full frame" lens.

    But then I found the three Pentax auto 110 lenses in the cupboard…

    Here is the adapter I made, including a working iris , from a china-made T2-to-mFT adapter (1), an iris from an old compur shutter (2, from a Dacora Dignette camera) and the bajonet flange from a Pentax auto 110 body (3, under the lens).
    The iris position is where it should be (or, to be precise, where Pentax put it…), some 4.5 mm behind the flange.

    I have meanwhile found out (in this forum!) that I am not the first person to build an adapter with iris (let alone the first to adapt those lenses…), but maybe you are still interested in some pictures (first 18, then 24 and 50).
    Center sharpness is very good, even wide open. In the center, even my Pentax 1,4/50 does not deliver better sharpness.

    Corners only become acceptably sharp when stopped down two (or even three) stops. Of the three lenses, the diminutive 24 is the weakest, with barely acceptable corners, even at around f=8. All in all, I found the results from all three lenses very inspiring.



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    Re: DIY Pentax 110 to mFT adapter with Iris


    I am in the midst of flare testing 50's including the 110 50mm

    very cunning adaptor

    ps .. agree with your findings, the 50mm is my favourite

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    Re: DIY Pentax 110 to mFT adapter with Iris

    Hallo Kölsche Jung,

    very well done work, I'm deeply impressed.

    Let me invite You to present Your DIY also in the german FT Forum:

    waiting for You

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    Re: DIY Pentax 110 to mFT adapter with Iris

    great post and DIY work!! Sony A7r,A7II, Sony 70-300G, Rokinon 14/2.8, Leitz Wetzler 35/3.5, Leica R Summicron 50/2 & Elmarit 90mm/2.8, Contax N 24-85 & 70--200mm AND Canon FD 20/2.8, 135/2, 500mm 4.5, Minolta 35/1.8, 45mm/2, Nikon 28-50/3.5, 105/1.8, 180/2.8

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    Re: DIY Pentax 110 to mFT adapter with Iris

    Quote Originally Posted by stormy_weather View Post
    I am new to this forum – Hello from Cologne Germany!
    Very interesting, Sven. The 18mm picture seems to confirm my doubts about this lens suffering heavily from flare and/or ghosting. So it seems it is not a defect of my unit but a general defect of this type of lens.
    Peter Werner
    Leica M8, R9+DMR & Digilux 2; Nikon D700; Panasonic FX01, FX150 & G1; Samsung TL350 (WB 2000)

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