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Thread: Idiots guide to external flash (Metz 36)/TTL with G1/GF1?

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    Idiots guide to external flash (Metz 36)/TTL with G1/GF1?


    Just picked up a s/h Metz 36af to use with my G1/GF1. I have tried reading the manual but I'm still a little lost. How do I decided whether to use TTL mode or not and know whether this is working? I can take pics with the flash working but I'm not sure how to get correct exposure without trial and error.

    Also the AF beam on the flash doesn't seem to be working - do I need to switch this on somehow?


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    Re: Idiots guide to external flash (Metz 36)/TTL with G1/GF1?

    I don't have the flash.
    Trial and error as you say, seems to be the best method. Get back to us on this if you want further suggestions?

    Set up a colourful target say 10 feet away, and sit down with all equipment mto hand. Blaze away, using TTL at first? Note the settings for the cam and the flash using voice memo or on a dead tree. Even a card with setting as altered by the target as that way you cannot lose references?

    Good luck and please get back to us?

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