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Thread: Some company should offer to make bags to spec

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    Some company should offer to make bags to spec

    So a shooter could literally design their own camera bag and have it fabricated. I'd wager no one has found a bag that exactly meets their requirements. This would be relatively easy with a canvas or leather material, but the complex, multi-layered synthetic units would require professional work.

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    Re: Some company should offer to make bags to spec

    Hi, Rich,

    you can certainly find craftsmen able to make bags to specs out of leather or skin. Crocodile, leopard, tiger, you name it, they'll make it

    However, if we will find customers able cq willing to pay for them is a completely different story !

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    Re: Some company should offer to make bags to spec

    In this part of the world, it's certainly possible, and the price probably wouldn't be too bad either. I have considered it. Still, I would need 2-3 different version for different purposes. Convincing the (probably small-scale) manufacturer to use good enough quality zips etc. and the quality control would always be a challenge, but I'm sure it can be done.

    Maybe I should have a new, deeper look into it
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