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Thread: A Crazy Guy has done something Weird on 550D

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    A Crazy Guy has done something Weird on 550D

    1st here:

    2nd here:

    Both are from the DC forum in Hong Kong. You need not to understand the chat but just see the photo. I can tell you, the crazy guy just bought 3 bodies to modify.
    He removed the focusing screen, mirror box, AF mount and contact points, which just leave the body work in Liveview! All the modification is to use it for shooting movie. After the mod, it is able to use the lens below:

    Nikon F
    Canon EF / EF-S / FD<<<? I don't understand that is it reversable?
    Leica R
    Arri Standard / Bayonet / PL
    Panavision PL

    Of course, no AF anymore.

    OK, now I understand why Canon is not going to make any mirrorless camera because it is mirrorless ready!

    I used to thinking of it is able to mod a 5D Mark II to use Leica M and now seems that 5D Mark II t is quite possible to be mod-ed to use Leica M for its bigger mirror box. Or some cheapo 1000D body can be mod-ed if you're getting bored with it and try to explorer its live view function. A P&S camera may be done if you try harder.

    No sample so far, but I think it is not a joke.
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    Re: A Crazy Guy has done something Weird on 550D

    I would have at least waited until the warranty expired...

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    Re: A Crazy Guy has done something Weird on 550D

    I will keep an eye out for it in the Buy and Sell forum


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    Re: A Crazy Guy has done something Weird on 550D

    such a silly guy :-)

    I use my Lumix GH1 UNMODIFIED(!) with some adapters with more then TWENTY lenses!
    fullHD and HD ... 1920x1080, 1280x720, ....

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