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Thread: Kinoptik Tegea 9.8mm f1.8 on Full Frame

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    Gaetano D.

    Kinoptik Tegea 9.8mm f1.8 on Full Frame

    I write to find out how to use the Kinoptik at 100% on a digital camera.
    Because I read that cover the MFT and APSc format, but the results are soft.
    At MFT you get a ~20mm wideangle lens equivalent, at the Sony NEX you get a 15mm lens.
    On a full frame (Canon EOS 5D Mark II) is 9.8 mm?

    Thanks very much!


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    Re: Kinoptik Tegea 9.8mm f1.8 on Full Frame

    This one barely covers APS-C. Light fall off on an APS-C frame is quite a bit.

    Focal lengths are the same regardless of the sensor size. Within the image circle covered it will be 9.8mm.

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    Gaetano D.

    Re: Kinoptik Tegea 9.8mm f1.8 on Full Frame

    Thanks for your reply, Vivek.
    I read that the Tegea 9.8mm covered 35mm Academy...
    Tegea 9,8mm : 26mm diag.
    35mm Academy : ~27mm diag.
    Sony Nex : ~28mm diag. and from video on Youtube is good:
    What do you think?
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