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Thread: S-5 Users?

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    S-5 Users?

    Hi I'm new to the forum.I was attracted by the x100 posts. It's my next purchase [hopefully].Don't know when, between the limited availability of both camera and funds! Currently shoot with a Fuji S-5. As i shoot mainly portraits it works great for me.Any other S-5 users here?
    Look forward to getting to know & share with evertone.

    Thanks - Bill

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    Re: S-5 Users?

    I have an S5 (and an S3), but haven't used them much lately (both of them are semi-defect). Previously, my images taken with those cameras were posted on the Nikon forum, since they're F-mount cameras. I worked until 4 in the morning, and it's still early, so my brain isn't able to decide if it makes sense to post here or over there, but I have a feeling that it doesn't matter. This is a very friendly forum after all
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    Re: S-5 Users?

    Welcome, Bill. Some of the best photos I ever took were with the S5. The dynamic range of the camera is special.
    I always posted in the Nikon forum, like Jorgen. I'm sure everyone here will welcome you whichever forum you choose to post in.

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