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Thread: WTB: US Quarters, half dollars, and other old coins...

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    WTB: US Quarters, half dollars, and other old coins...

    Check your pockets, look in your change cup, climb between the couch cushions.

    Do you have any US Quarters from 1964 or earlier? How about Half Dollars prior to 1964? I'll pay $2 for each quarter and $4 for each Half Dollar. That's EIGHT TIMES face value! If you took either of these to the local bank or supermarket you'd get exactly what's printed on it, .25 or .50 cents. Why not send them my way and make a few bucks? Did you dig some out of the backyard? Find them wedged under your car's floor mat?

    I'll also make offers on other old US dimes, quarters, half dollars, dollars, or american eagle dollars! Just send me an email with a description and a year (i'm focusing on the 64 and prior). Do you have any old Canadian quarters, half dollars, or dollars? I'll make an offer on those too!


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