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Thread: FS:UK Panasonic GF1, LVF1 and G1 + Contax Zeiss 45mm f2

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    FS:UK Panasonic GF1, LVF1 and G1 + Contax Zeiss 45mm f2

    I have for sale a mint condition Panasonic GF1 in Silver. Camera is boxed with instructions but is body only. Screen has GGS cover applied. Priced at 350 inc RMSD.

    I also have the now rare LVF1 which is the viewfinder for the GF1, this is also mint, boxed with the leather pouch and is only 2 months old Priced at 110 inc delivery

    Would accept 450 to purchase both. Payment by BT, if payment clears tonight can post tomorrow so will be with you Sat am.

    Any questions please ask, Voigtlander lens for show only, albeit 250 if anyone is interested!

    I also have for sale a mint boxed Panasonic G1, I can check the actuations on this and its 1015. Camera was purchased in January from Amazon. Again this is body only not lens.

    Priced at 180 inc. RMSD

    If anyone wants all 3 let me know

    I also have for sale a Contax Zeiss 45mm f2 lens complete with rare hood. The lens is in excellent condition (glass mint) and works perfectly. Lens will work on GF1, G1 and GH1 together with Olympus MFT with adapter. It will also work with Contax G1 and G2.

    Price 170 inc RMSD. Payment by BT

    Unfortunately UK buyers only.

    Advertised elsewhere
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    Re: FS:UK Panasonic GF1, LVF1 and G1 + Contax Zeiss 45mm f2

    Voigtlander 75mm no longer FS

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