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Thread: FS: Mamiya 645 AFD II w/80mm F2.8 Lens

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    Ken Tanaka

    FS: Mamiya 645 AFD II w/80mm F2.8 Lens

    If you're thinking about getting into medium-format 645 photography this summer this is an excellent, and relatively economical, first step!

    This is a Mamiya 645 AFD II medium format camera body with a Mamiya 80mm F2.8 (normal) lens.

    This kit includes:

    * the Mamiya 645 AFD II camera body with rear cap,
    * the Mamiya 80mm F2.8 lens with hood and front cap,
    * the User Manual for the camera.

    As I think you can see, the camera and lens are in mint condition with very few signs of wear.

    Add a digital back or a Mamiya 120/220 film cassette (readily available new or used) and you're ready to go! This would also be a good backup body for current MF shooters who need economical redundancy.

    Price: $1,500 with free UPS ground shipping to continental U.S..
    Payment: PayPal.

    You'll find many more images of this camera and lens here.

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    Ken Tanaka

    Re: FS: Mamiya 645 AFD II w/80mm F2.8 Lens

    Given such an active medium format discussion group here I'm surprised there has been nary a single nibble on this! Combine this kit with Justin VanAlstyne's PhaseOne P30+ back for sale here and you have a top-notch medium format digital kit capable of just about any assignment.

    I'll leave this up for a little longer before I offer it elsewhere. I'll also offer the following deal: I'll reduce my price $100 to anyone who also buys Justin's P30+!

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    Ken Tanaka

    Re: FS: Mamiya 645 AFD II w/80mm F2.8 Lens

    An even BETTER special deal:

    Per my special offer, above, I've just corresponded with Justin who is willing to also shave $500 off of his Phase One P30+ back to a buyer of this 645 AFD II kit.

    Let the kids fund their own education. You're unlikely to find such an outstanding nexus of deals anytime soon again.

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    Ken Tanaka

    Re: FS: Mamiya 645 AFD II w/80mm F2.8 Lens


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