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Thread: FS: 5D Mark II + Leica R Lens + Howtek 7500 Drum Scanner

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    FS: 5D Mark II + Leica R Lens + Howtek 7500 Drum Scanner

    1. Canon 5D mark II
    Note: I just bought the Canon 7D so the 5D mark II is available. I just bought the 5D mark II from a USA Canon dealer with under 500 shutter counts max.
    Condition: Like New
    Price: $2250

    2. Canon 1.2/50L lens
    Note: I also just bought this lens from the Canon USA dealer and probably use it couple of times.
    Condition: Like New
    Price: $1299

    3. Howtek 7500 Drum Scanner (5,000 dpi)
    Note: I bought two of these drum scanner and since they are like so durable I do not need a backup. Thus one is for sale. This drum scanner can scan large format film beyond 8x10 so really there is no size limitation. The quality is still consider as the gold standard.
    Condition: Excellent
    Price: $4000 without the Trident software or $5000 with the Trident software

    4. Leica R 80-200
    Note: I am selling this lens for a friend
    Condition: Excellent
    Price: $699

    5. Leica Super-Angulon PC 2.8/28
    Note: I am selling this lens to a friend
    Condition: Excellent
    Price: $1500 obo

    6. Leica Apo 2x Tele-converter
    Note: I am selling this converter for a friend
    Condition: Mint-
    Price: $900 obo

    7. Think Tank Airport Extreme
    Note: I am selling this camera bag for a friend. This bag has a lot of space.
    Condition: Excellent
    Price: $250

    The buyer is responsible for the shipping cost and any fees that may be involved in the transaction such as PayPal and other fees.

    Please use my email because the pm will not allow me to answer more than one person immediately. I wish this feature was not part of this forums.

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