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Thread: FS ZM Distagon 15 2.8

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    FS ZM Distagon 15 2.8

    I rarely use this lens.

    So it's time for it to go!

    It's 6-bit coded to match the WATE @ 16 and it works fine on both of my M9's.

    I love the lens, but generally I use my Nikon 14-24 for work and leave this lens at home.

    For landscapes and architecture it's amazing!

    The contrast and color are splendid, and it's detail is impeccible.

    It does not compare to the lens that I use over it at all, this is the best 15mm on the market!

    I don't have a box, I have a Voigtlander Viewfinder I'd include in the sale.

    Comes with a filter, and the front and rear caps.

    $4000 shipped in the US O.B.O.

    I'll take some photos tomorrow, but it's in great shape.

    I used it much more on the M8 than I have on the M9.

    It's not coupled, but @ 15mm who needs coupling. it does focus quite close if I recall correctly.



    PS - email me @ [email protected] for any questions or whatever.

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    Re: FS ZM Distagon 15 2.8

    a bit of interest has been shown, i'll take some photos tonight...

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    Re: FS ZM Distagon 15 2.8

    ok, $3500 is the new price...

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    Re: FS ZM Distagon 15 2.8

    Ooooohhhh... In Chicago?

    Can I play with it a lil? ;-)

    Totally want that. Totally cannot afforrrrrd.
    Nikon FX, Leica M8, Mamiya 645, Canon F-1

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    Re: FS ZM Distagon 15 2.8

    for the advertised price you can play all you want



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    Re: FS ZM Distagon 15 2.8

    Come on folks, make me an offer I need to sell this.

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