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Thread: WTB: Leica Summaron 35mm/2.8 (M2 mount)

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    WTB: Leica Summaron 35mm/2.8 (M2 mount)

    Have seen some nice examples of this lens pass through this forum recently, so I thought it'd be the best place to ask!

    I'm a street shooter who realized that I never shoot below 2.8 with my current lens.

    Looking for a Leica Summaron 35mm/2.8, non-goggled (in other words, the M2 mount). Don't care about the exterior but glass should be clean and free of cleaning marks and scratches (checked with a flashlight) and the aperture/focus should be Leica-like smooth. Willing to pay around what the other examples have gone for on this forum.

    Have shot over 400 rolls of film in the last year, so you can be sure it's going to a good home where it will be used!

    I'm located in the US, East Coast. Have some feedback on here as well on eBay and RFF.

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    Re: WTB: Leica Summaron 35mm/2.8 (M2 mount)


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    Re: WTB: Leica Summaron 35mm/2.8 (M2 mount)

    Best of luck. I have owned 2 copies, both exceptional. I feel that the 35 mm summaron f/2.8 is one of the best daytime street shooters, both for its classic, well controlled rendering and its diminuitive size. I just sold my last version due to low utilization (I have gotten the 35 lux FLE and have a 35 cron IV), making the cupboard quite crowded for 35 mm lenses
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    Re: WTB: Leica Summaron 35mm/2.8 (M2 mount)

    Thanks! The one you had for sale looked perfect but unfortunately sold too quickly before I had a chance to make an offer!

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    Re: WTB: Leica Summaron 35mm/2.8 (M2 mount)

    bump.. I don't want to go to ebay!

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