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Thread: Leica 90 APO $1275

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    Leica 90 APO $1275

    Here is the deal. I just received the lens back from D. Goldberg and is under warranty. Here is what he did (his words in quotes). "Your 90mm Summicron lens is now focusing correctly. First I overhauled the focusing system, main thing I did was to replace the teflon grease that Leica now uses on all of their lenses with the original style grease that Leitz used to use on all of their lenses. This original style grease is much better than the teflon grease. Then I overhauled the focusing system that couples to the camera's R/F. This was where the play was & I was able to remove all of the play so now the lens focuses acurately no matter which way the lens is turned." The lens is still not focusing the way I'd like up to f4 on my m8 and I am not inclined to send it in again and would refer to sell it at a big loss to me. It is very sharp at 4.0 and greater. It may do just fine on your camera. If not, Don will honor the warranty and adjust for you. I already cleared it with him. There are a couple of issues that I want to disclose. There are three small marks on the front element, two very small, the largest the size of a spec of dust. There are also very light cleaning marks but only noticeable if you shine a bright light through the rear element which is perfect. The barrel shows minor usage but in very nice shape. Here is an opportunity to get this lens at a steal. You may have to send it to Don and then again you may not. email is best way to contact me: [email protected].

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