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Thread: FS: Sinar P3 / 75H and Accessories

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    FS: Sinar P3 / 75H and Accessories

    I have decided to change my workflow to the actus/sony combo.

    I hate to see this beauty go but Im she will find a good home.

    Condition 9.5/10

    Only issue is one dry bubble level and a slight crimp on the bellows.

    I don't believe there is a single mark on it. all movements are tight, positive and detents are flawless.

    Sinar P3 (includes standard EL bellows) $3295 OBO

    Sinar 75H Multishot back $5895 33mp. 9.5/10 original sinar hard case. original CCD cover (metal) Tether tools 9-9pin w800 cable included as well.

    P3 EL Wide Bellows $445 9/10

    P3 EL Long Bellows $425 9/10

    LC Shutter $445 (original box included) 9/10

    Sinar Digital Back release cable $99 (works with rj11 port) 9/10

    P3 75H adapter with cover and screws. $349 9/10

    Ill also have cmv shutters/ lens for sale soon when I decide what I want to keep and have reshuttered.

    I can email photos and ill have some posted here shortly.

    I probably will not sell the bellows or lc until the p3 has sold. I also am flexible on prices if multiple items are purchased.

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    Re: FS: Sinar P3 / 75H and Accessories

    Lots of interest, everything still available for the time being.

    PM me for photos.

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