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Thread: Attention Aperture-philes!

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    Attention Aperture-philes!

    Just got an e-mail from Fernando over at PictureCode. NoiseNinja for Aperture will be available on August 5th on their website. I believe if you have a current NoiseNinja 2.x license, you can download it for free.
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    Re: Attention Aperture-philes!

    This is good news, as Aperture is needing some help with NR. Noise Ninja is pretty decent, and now being able to stay in Aperture will be nice.

    The other one I am waiting for it Nik Software's Dfine. I really like it for noise reduction. Lots of great control. Cannot wait to see that ported to Aperture also, but Noise Ninja will be great to have until then.


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