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Thread: The cat is out of the bag - Content aware move

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    The cat is out of the bag - Content aware move

    Original Image

    I decided that I wanted to move the Jefferson Memorial over to the right using the content aware move tool

    Well not that bad actually but the reflection in the water gives it away
    so I tried to move the reflection and got this (YUK)

    That didn't work real well, so I went back to the version before and added/subtracted reflections of my own devising


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    Re: The cat is out of the bag - Content aware move

    Erwin Put's article, "Is photography dead?" from 2007 becomes increasingly relevant. While I appreciate and use many of the new digital tools, they do remove me from the original idea of photography; to capture the moment. Nowadays, many of the moments captured never really existed, as is clearly demonstrated above.
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