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Thread: DP1...Raw vrs DNG

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    DP1...Raw vrs DNG

    What advantage/disadvantage is there to converting
    DP1 raw to dng and then going into LR?
    I am told that dng can't get all the info from
    the raw files. I am also told that SPP is better than LR
    to process.....
    What say youse?

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    Re: DP1...Raw vrs DNG

    I do not let lightroom process my x3f's. I often see (not always) that I loose to much micro contrast. The pictures just look flatter in lightroom compared to the jpeg's that I import into lightroom.

    Yes, after procesing the raw in SPP, i do think that i need so little work in Lightroom that I prefet to ' just' use the jpeg. No need for big TIFF's in my opinion.


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