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Thread: Few pictures of my Exakta 66 with Biometer 80/2.8

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    Few pictures of my Exakta 66 with Biometer 80/2.8

    Few test shots, comments are welcomed........

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    Re: Few pictures of my Exakta 66 with Biometer 80/2.8

    Let me guess - the film is Velvia 100 (judging by the magenta cast). I have started using film again myself and tried a few rolls of the above but I don't like its characteristics, to be frank. Much prefer Provia for its neutrality or Velvia 50 which is warmer but does not scan with the cast. Also, I would be more careful about cloning out the dust, you have three visible pieces of dirt on the guitar guy image. I am not sure about the bokeh of the lens either - looks rather "nervous" to me (double contours in the first image). Otherwise, the images are nice - well composed and interesting. The last one is my favorite, although I would try to give it a slightly warmer rendering and fix the magenta cast. My two cents.
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