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Thread: Lens for P30+

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    Lens for P30+

    I recently got in possession of an ALPA TC with a P30+ back. I am looking for a

    recommendation for a normal to a short wide lens. This is for walk around

    system on my shoulder. I would like it to be dedicated lens for this system.

    So large image circle is not crucial. All suggestions are welcome.



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    Re: Lens for P30+


    The p30+ is not normally recommended for a tech camera like the alpa TC.

    It has strong microlenses so its awful with strong angles of light; you'll need to stay away from symettrical designed wide angles like the Schneider 24/28/35/43 and probably would be best to avoid the 47 as well.

    I guess you could get away with a rodenstock 40 but I've never tried it with a p30+.

    What dealer sold you a p30+ to use on a tech camera???
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