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Thread: Where to rent a lens for a cambo

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    Where to rent a lens for a cambo

    Where can i rent a lens for a cambo tech camera? i am in north carolina but work in philly

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    Re: Where to rent a lens for a cambo

    I don't know of any tech cam rentals - bodies or lenses. I think there's a gap in the market worldwide, certainly for the manufacturers who could rent lenses to potential customers and the rental cost is taken off the sale price if the customer buys the lens.

    I'm just buying two Cambo lenses and, despite my best research efforts, until they arrive, I don't really know what I'm buying, neither do most of the dealers in the UK, neither do the manufacturers such as Cambo, who aren't necessarily photographers themselves. It's an expensive risk to buy products this way! I think there's only Capture Integration or Digital Transitions who really know tech cams and have at least some lenses as demonstrators. Flights to the US are fairly cheap but flying abroad to test and buy is quite a commitment of time. So, IMHO there's a gap for a global tech lens rental facility.

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