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Capture Integration Digital Transitions Camera West empty Guy Mancuso Photography

Seitz Roundshot 28/220.

Leica Wide Angle 28mm f/2.8 Elmarit R Manual Focus Lens.
  1. Thanh Khê, Vietnam. 
360° , f11, t1/4 sec.
  2. Esquina Carlos Gardel, Buenos Aires. 
360°, ILFORD DELTA 400 PRO, f8, t1 sec., original size 150,3 Mb.
  3. Estádio do Maracană. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 
360°, f11, t1/4 sec., original size 134,1 Mb.
  4. At the foot of Akongakua. 
360°, HELIOPAN RED (29) filter, f16, t1/15 sec., original size 
134,3 Mb.
  5. Patagonia. 
360°, ILFORD PAN F PLUS ISO 50, f16, t1 sec., original size 130Mb.
  6. Self-Portrait. 
Los Glaciares National Park in southwest Santa Cruz province, Argentina.   
360°, f16, t1/8 sec., original size 134,3 Mb.
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