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Thread: Time to upgrade my computer - Dang D800!

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    Time to upgrade my computer - Dang D800!

    Is anyone else seeing the D800 killing their current computer? I think its time for an upgrade. Anyone else?

    Nikon D800/e vs My Computer - Do I need to Upgrade?

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    Re: Time to upgrade my computer - Dang D800!

    I pre-empted my D800 by upgrading my very new Mac mini to the OWC 16GB RAM kit
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    Re: Time to upgrade my computer - Dang D800!

    IMHO the only answer is YES

    I use an iMAC 27" with 2.8 GHZ quadcore CPU and 16 GB RAM and the workflow that I am used to with my old D700 is remarkably slowed down. The preview in LR4 takes much more time to render the thumbnails as well as when I open a single photo.
    Same what is mentioned in the article when it comes to more than 4-5 layers in PS5 (PS6 seems to be faster but I only upgraded recently).
    So - for me the only solution is to be patient since the iMAC is not even 2 years old and I don't want to burn more money which means I may consider purchasing the next generation. But, to be fair and honest, this was expected when I bought the D800.

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    Re: Time to upgrade my computer - Dang D800!

    I apologize for what may seem harsh, but this strikes me as if complaining that the sun is hot.
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