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Thread: DP2 B&W Setup?

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    DP2 B&W Setup?

    Hello Sigma DP2 Merrill users, would you please advise me what would produce best B&W images. Setting DP2M to RAW B/W to take photos or to convert colour images to B&W in Lightroom. Thank you in advance for your help.

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    Re: DP2 B&W Setup?

    I prefer setting the cam to BW since it shows BW in display before shooting, which makes it easier to compose.

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    Re: DP2 B&W Setup?

    I set camera to BW to get the BW display. This causes SPP to default to Monochrome but you can change that to color and get a full color image. It appears that setting the camera to BW does not change how the image is captured, only the default setting for SPP.
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