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Thread: Recommend top rank B&W master printers

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    Recommend top rank B&W master printers

    I have posted a similar question to this one regarding printing color images, and this one is specifically for B&W.

    I do have some black and white images that I would like printed by a master printer. One who can apply needed photoshop tweaks and then print for me. I shoot medium format film and 35mm full frame digital, focusing mostly on street, candids, and some landscape. I process in Lightroom and Photoshop.

    Can you recommend a master black and white printer in the ideally in USA or Canada who is accepting outside work from amateur photographers such as myself?

    I am willing to pay well for the talent.

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Recommend top rank B&W master printers

    Not sure where you live; I would look up Tyler Boley. He is an expert B&W printer and user of different tools/inks to create the highest fidelity possible. He is based in Seattle Washington. His URL is here:

    Custom-Digital | Fine Art Digital Printing

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    Re: Recommend top rank B&W master printers

    You might also want to speak with Ken Doo who is a member here and has a studio in Carmel CA.
    Don Libby
    Iron Creek Photography
    Tucson AZ
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    Re: Recommend top rank B&W master printers

    Hi, I am new in here and do not really post. I have been a printer fot 45 years. Currently I am printing a B&W exposition in Bangkok. I am printing on a 50 inch Chromira, with LED's, and using an RC paper manufactured by a German with an Agfa patent, un pearl finish. Developing in Eukobrom, neutral, On my recommendation the photographer testeded 3 very famous labs worldwide and he liked our results best, The Ilford tests in Galerie Digital FB looked very close to inkjets, the reason I chose not to use any Galerie, including the RC, and do not come close to my results. Should you be interested, I could do you some samples, and you can judge by yourself. D-Max is 1.68, someone might give higher numbers, but just look at the tests. Should you want to, send me a message or write me to [email protected] also my prices are real low, compared with anybody, because I run an industrial setup and only work in projects, I am not open to the public. I also print color, but lately only using Metallic VC, due to cosr efficiency.

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