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Thread: Eyesight with Optical Viewfinder question

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    Eyesight with Optical Viewfinder question

    Never having used one before I am thinking that my vision of a scene through an optical viewfinder like what is available for the GRII offers me the same vision clarity and focus as my normal eyeglass vision does (which at times is not too great). When I use the Oly E-1 I have adjustable diopter correction available to help sharpen the focus. Is this a correct understanding? How do eyeglass users compensate for sharper focus when using the optical viewfinder?

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    Re: Eyesight with Optical Viewfinder question

    While I havenŽt tried the Ricoh, normally optical viewfinders donŽt need to (and cannot) be adjusted for eyesight, esp. since they have no focussing aid in them. If you use your normal glasses, youŽll see as clearly through the OVF as when viewing directly.

    What might be a problem, however, is eye distance. Since the glasses prevent you from getting the eye real close to the OVF, you might have difficulty seeing the entire frame. If at all possible, try to test it before buying.

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    Re: Eyesight with Optical Viewfinder question

    On an SLR or EVF you are looking at the focusing screen which is always the same distance from you eye whatever the distance to the subject. This means that you need to be able to adjust it if you are at all long sighted. On an OVF your eye is focusing on the subject, so if you wear glasses to see clearly with glasses at that distance normally, you will also be OK looking through the OVF with your glasses on.
    On the GX100, which uses a tiny lcd screen inside the viewer, it is that same situation as an SLR, so it has a diopter adjustment facility on it.
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