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Thread: Anyone ever gutted a P&S to mod it?

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    Anyone ever gutted a P&S to mod it?

    Has anyone ever chopped the cheap zoom off a P&S and installed a manual lens? Successfully? If so, which camera?

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    Re: Anyone ever gutted a P&S to mod it?

    There are Japanese, (of course!) practitioners of this art. He had inserted an 8mm lens into a very non-descript digicam, presumably to attain practice before doing it to his Leica P&S....

    The best camera for this is the cheapest one bought off the auction site with a dodgy lens only. Then carefully rip it off. No need to thank me ..... You might want to buy two or three unless super confident! I would recommend a screw mount, for focus correction, given the tiny distances involved? So those cheap c mounts that are not much use on a m4/3?

    Hope I have goaded you enough to try it? ;-)

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    Re: Anyone ever gutted a P&S to mod it?

    I tried and do not recommend it. I think I'm pretty handy but it was more difficult than I thought would be.

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    Re: Anyone ever gutted a P&S to mod it?

    You could trim a Ricoh lens tube to add a Nikon wce68 to the GX100.
    I took 3mm off the tube. Works some. But others file off a bit of the
    nikon converter to totally remove vignetting. You end up with a 16mm wide angle equivalent on the GX100.
    Anyone ever tried to make a sensor angle so that you end up with a shift lens?

    B rgds

    "I ruined my health by drinking to everyone else's." Brendan Behan

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    Re: Anyone ever gutted a P&S to mod it?

    I'd love to see some attempts at this. The problems are numerous, but include the tiny sensor in cheap-enough-to-chop-up compacts producing a prohibitive focal length multiplier, tiny tolerances at this scale, and the lack of focus aid on cameras designed to be used solely in auto focus.

    I did attempt to build a "50 full frame digicam" once. It consisted of an old Powershot, a Yashica FX3, and a finely cut ground glass screen. Needless to say, it has hardly compact, and was very hit and miss!

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