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Thread: Canon G7 and Panasonic LX2 in Bangkok

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    Canon G7 and Panasonic LX2 in Bangkok

    I took this series of photographs in Bangkok using my Canon G7 or my LX2. I used manual focus usually and tried to estimate the hyper-focal distance. My goal was to express my experience as it was, to not hide the context or method of photography.

    I love the depth of field and the flexibility of small cameras. I tend to use JPEG and to switch from color to black and white and not convert my images. When I see in color I want to take color, when I see in black and white I want to take black and white. I love the capability of setting my JPEG to Black and White and to have RAW to fall back to.

    I have recently upgraded my G7 to a G9. I would love to have an optical viewfinder for the Panasonic LX2. I use the LX2 primarily at the wide end.

    The key attribute, for me, of being able to use a small camera is to have the option of setting manual focus.

    I am looking forward to following this forum.

    Stephen Cysewski

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    Re: Canon G7 and Panasonic LX2 in Bangkok

    Quote Originally Posted by Mitch Alland View Post
    Looking at the pictures feels just like being in Bangkok.
    You can't seriously mean that. His website doesn't smell that bad, does it

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    Re: Canon G7 and Panasonic LX2 in Bangkok

    Love these pictures. Too bad Bangkok isn't more interesting and colorful! (kidding) Like someone else said, looking at these is like being there. Makes me want to go.



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