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Thread: My1 & My2 Settings Failed

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    My1 & My2 Settings Failed

    I left my GRD2 connected to my PC via the mini USB cable for a few hours and the battery got so low that it lost the My1 & My2 settings.

    Is this normal ?

    No problem if it is, I just want to know if anything else is perhaps faulty.


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    Re: My1 & My2 Settings Failed


    I should imagine the capacitor was drained as well as the battery and therefore you lost all the settings-check the clock and date too.
    I do know that the capacitor on my Olympus will hold the memory for no more than 30 minutes. I dont know about the Ricoh but it must have a limit too.
    I dont think its a problem once the capacitor is charged up again.


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    Re: My1 & My2 Settings Failed



    I thought that it was probably the explanation - I just wasn't sure if there was either a small permanent rechargeable cell or a bubble type memory built into the GRD2 for the retention of settings.

    If it's a capacitor then I'm not worried.

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