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Thread: Abstract Images

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    Re: Abstract Images


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    Re: Abstract Images

    good to hear from you! and thanks for the kind comments. it's a real pleasure for me to have you keeping track. i especially like the sketchbook idea. at 13 i consciously chose between being a writer and an artist (a bit precocious i know). i chose writing cause i didn't feel i could draw things realistically. despite that, i started taking photos at 14, and i spent the next fifty years in museums, always getting a thrill when i watched someone draw. finally, i felt i'd said all i had to say verbally and blessedly digital came along. a chance to go down the road not taken. we'll see what happens next. i've been taking pictures of clouds all day. i remember thinking that what really separated the best artists from others was their sense of abstract form, no matter the genre or style. hence, this thread an excellent idea.
    thanks again,

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    Re: Abstract Images


    At last, I have an LX3 ! I can post images now ! After some heavy postprocessing, I came up with this:


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