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Thread: ND filter on the GRDs

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    Mitch Alland

    ND filter on the GRDs

    I wonder why the ND filters on the GRD and GRD2 are only deployed in the AUTO mode? It would seem that, to limit diffraction, it would be good to be able to deploy them after f/7.1 in A, P and M modes as well.

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    Re: ND filter on the GRDs

    Merry Xmas Mitch. I can't seem to find that in the book or the menu. Are you talking about "P" or the "Green" when you say auto mode, and what page of the manual is this found?
    Thanks Clay

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    Mitch Alland

    Re: ND filter on the GRDs

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    Re: ND filter on the GRDs

    Where exactly is this ND filter? In front of the sensor? Is it a 'virtual' ND sensor, perhaps reducing ISO?


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