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Thread: Possitive feedback for Sony service

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    Possitive feedback for Sony service

    Well, I thought I want to share my recent experience with Sony service.
    I dropped my RX1, scratches and dent, even worse, the focus ring unable to turn.
    But thanks to Sony, after back from service, my RX1 is back in NEW condition, best part is NO CHARGE --- Thank you SONY!
    At the time I call Sony, the rep confirm to me that warranty wont cover damage by misuse, i was expecting a flat rate charge... And then 1 week later after I send out the camera, camera is back, looks like they replace the whole camera and still retains the serial number, even cooler, they put a new LCD cover for me (because my damage camera does have an optional LCD protector on it)... Work order marked "replaced" and zero $ fee... I guess Sony wants to make an exception for a premium camera.
    Thank you again Sony
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    Re: Possitive feedback for Sony service

    Great to hear and glad you've got a fully working camera back.

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    Re: Possitive feedback for Sony service

    This would be in line with the impression i got from Sony at PhotoPlus. They want their high-end "pro" users to feel that the support they give them is comparable to the pro services sections from Canon/Nikon.
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    Re: Possitive feedback for Sony service

    A while ago I dropped a ZA 85/1.4 and it bounced twice on the concrete sidewalk. i sent it to Precision Camera in TX after paying the $300.00 "consultation fee" online. I received the camera back today with a note telling me that the lens was beyond repair. Maybe I should have sent the lens to Sony for $200.00 bucks in the hopes that they would have sent me another lens? Is Precision reputable? I can always be contacted privately. Thank you.

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