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Thread: I did something dumb

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    I did something dumb

    I can't work out how I did this but I managed to literally throw my FE 55/1.8 over my shoulder this afternoon and it landed on its side on a hard floor behind me (wooden, I think). Drop would have been about 5 feet-ish.

    Anyway, I picked it up put it on my camera and it seems to work.

    Anyone, any idea about any hidden damage I may have done? Or should I assume, if it works then it is OK?

    I love this lens and if it had packed up I would have gone out and bought another immediately.


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    Re: I did something dumb

    Oh...the horror...the horror....
    If it still works you are one lucky man. The only thing that comes to mind is that it might have moves some internal elements and you may end up with weird focus...My advice would be to shot A LOT over these next few days with the 55mm just to make sure.
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    Re: I did something dumb

    Send it back to Sony for a checkup?
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    Re: I did something dumb

    That's really unfortunate Louis, although it sounds like you may have had a lucky escape.
    I would do as Rafael says - Shoot a LOT of things until you are ENTIRELY SATISFIED at close up and at infinity...
    Carry out the usual tests for vignetting/decentering/sharpness/smoothness of focus ring/check for bayonet and filter thread damage/a flare test/aperture opens and closes down OK...etc.
    It's very unlikely the elements have become decemented or dislodged but that can possibly show up over a longer period.
    If you are one of those types of person that this event will always niggle you...Then I wouldn't personally bother with a Sony checkup (probably be without it for a longish period and I doubt it would be cheap)...Just off load it!
    With the likes of PANAMOZDOTCOM the prices have dropped significantly here in the UK.
    Just my 2 pence worth...Cheers Barry
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