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Thread: EVF brighter than actual picture

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    EVF brighter than actual picture

    when i look into the view finder, the image displays a lot brighter than how the actual picture looks on the preview screen. is this normal? is there anyway to calibrate the brightness of the display?

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    Re: EVF brighter than actual picture

    On the A7, EVF and rear-panel LCD brightness are controlled independently. The settings are here:

    Menu Button->Toolbox icon->Page 1->Viewfinder Bright. (I left mine on Auto)
    Menu Button->Toolbox icon->Page 1->Monitor Brightness (I left mine on Manual)

    But I wouldn't use either to judge my exposure: That's what the histogram is for.

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    Re: EVF brighter than actual picture

    I put all my cams on sunny weather settings. But again judge exposure by histo
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