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Thread: Shoot without SD card?

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    Shoot without SD card?

    I've looked, but can't find a setting that tells the A7r Not to shoot unless there is a SD card in the slot. Did I miss it, or is there no such setting?
    Shaun O'Boyle

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    Re: Shoot without SD card?

    No setting.
    You can take a pic without the card, even though NO CARD is flashing on the LCD, and you can review the pic you have taken. But you cannot delete the pic or scroll through multiple pics. When you put a SD card in, those pics are not there any longer either.

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    Re: Shoot without SD card?

    It's annoying. And Mr Genius here thought, "I'll get a memory stick, and put it in the extra slot as a failsafe in case I forget the SD card". Well, I guess I was thinking of my A900, because the A7II does not have dual card slots. Now I have an extra memory stick. Sigh.

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