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Thread: Godox for Sony any one get one?

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    Godox for Sony any one get one?

    Just wondering if anyone got the Godox for Sony the 120 dollar model, with HSS and ttl on ebay and amazon and is the Flashpoint at adoroama the same flash. Does it work well or should I just get the top of the line Sony flash

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    Re: Godox for Sony any one get one?

    There's an entire sticky thread at the top. It goes really in depth with regards to all the Godox/CheetahStand/Adorama options. DMWard did a great job of laying it all out.

    Sony Alpha MIS Strobe/Flash Options
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    Re: Godox for Sony any one get one?

    HERE is one of 12 pages I have on my site describing my experience to date with the Godox X system lights and triggers.

    I think you're referring to the TT685s when describing it as the $120 one.

    A few things to keep in mind when purchasing Godox manufactured product in the US;
    A) Cheetah Light has arranged with Godox to provide service to devices they normally sell, even if they were purchased from another source. Its important to contact Cheetah Light to find out exactly what the service terms exist.
    B) Most of what is offered on Amazon is sourced in China and comes without warranty in the US.
    C) Cheetah and Adorama are the two main US resellers. Adorama is the exclusive importer for the AD600TTL.

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