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Thread: Zeiss 350/4FE on the A900

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    Zeiss 350/4FE on the A900

    One-by-one I'm trying out various Zeiss MF optics on the Sony A900.

    Still (relatively) cold outside, and everything's still dead everywhere. So I was about to goof around with the Zeiss 350/4FE on the camera, and was doing a couple of close focus shots to see how the Bokeh looked using this sensor (the FE lenses tend to focus closer than similar lenses in the 500 series line up of Zeiss lenses). Candle shot at f/4

    Then into my yard walks the neighborhood herd of deer ... dropping by to eat all my ground cover

    Deer shot through the winter filthy window ... at f/5.6 or f/8. Pretty easy to manually focus this camera because of the big bright viewfinder.

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    Re: Zeiss 350/4FE on the A900

    What a wonderful coincidence and great results. I think your macro
    solution is one I will explore.

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    Re: Zeiss 350/4FE on the A900

    Whoa, beautiful deer close-ups, Marc !
    At some point I probably end up buying that A900 camera just for the viewfinder, the single most important part of a camera (in my humble, of course)

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