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Thread: Magna Carta, What Magna Carta?

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    Magna Carta, What Magna Carta?

    British police think photographers are too frightening and suspicious to walk about unmolested: http://theonlinephotographer.typepad...arassment.html

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    Re: Magna Carta, What Magna Carta?

    I not sure we in the U.S. are going down this road only the driving force is not terrorism but pedophila. We get cases like this every few months and then they get tossed but not after the person stopped is out time and legal fees.

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    Re: Magna Carta, What Magna Carta?

    From the story at John's link:

    Webster police sent the material (porn) to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office to determine whether it was of a legal or an illegal variety ...

    If the Webster police dept does not know what is and isn't legal porn, the fine folks of Webster are in trouble.

    A few months ago I was reading about computer virus software that uploads illegal porn to someone's computer without them knowing it, and then distributes the illegal porn ... again, without the computer owner knowing about it. Some folks have gotten hit hard with legal fees proving their innocents after looking at possible decades of prison time for something they didn't do or know about.

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