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Thread: Copyright Infringement question

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    Copyright Infringement question

    This one is for all of our copyright lawyers:

    I got an e-mail today from Yahoo High Command that one of the photos in my photostream was removed due to copyright infringement. The image in question is a press shot of the unibody Macbook Pro laptops Apple introduced last June.

    I used the image in my report of the press release last June. The press release and the image were sent to me by Apple's PR group for use on my website. Due to storage restrictions on my server I often use flickr to host images for my blog articles.

    For the record, I have not been sued. The image was redacted from my photostream and I was sent a nasty-gram from Yahoo High Command saying that if I get many more NOI's they will cancel my account without warning. I have only gotten one NOI.

    I never claimed the image was mine and I was using it for it's intended purpose. Am I wrong here, or has Yahoo overstepped it's boundaries?
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    Re: Copyright Infringement question

    If you read Flickr's TOS ("Terms of Service"), somewhere in there it says you can only use it to host YOUR images.

    The reason you got the notice in the first place is probably because Flickr got a takedown notice from Apple's legal department. While you may have received the image from Apple's PR group, that doesn't mean that the legal department knows anything about it. Also, the PR group probably sent it to you with the understanding that it would appear on your website, not in your Flickr photostream.

    So, no they are not overstepping their boundaries.

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    Re: Copyright Infringement question

    Carlos, They were right.

    I shake my head every time I see someone showing an image from elsewhere to make a post in a photo forum (of all the places!).

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