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Thread: It takes 10 minutes to beat any OSX password

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    It takes 10 minutes to beat any OSX password

    Lessons learned from my research following someone stealing my laptop.

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    Re: It takes 10 minutes to beat any OSX password

    Well, the methods described have been known for years among Mac people. Most thieves are likely just after some quick money, and donīt know, or care, much about how to get into the machine.

    Nevertheless, sensitive information should indeed be protected better than with just the user login. File Vault is safe (if the password is good), but it has its drawbacks. Encrypted disk images for selected information is better, but requires some discipline from the user.

    Software like 1Password is both convenient and secure for web logins, credit card details and such.

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    Re: It takes 10 minutes to beat any OSX password

    Yes Doug
    This has been very useful on a couple of occasions (when children have forgotten their passwords)

    We use TrueCrypt to encrypt drives / partitions when we care - which is often!

    it doesn't take that much discipline.

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    Re: It takes 10 minutes to beat any OSX password

    it's almost impossible to stay ahead of the cyber criminals, and this will get worse over time. Using Apple' was ok up until now for their small market share didn't attract much cayber criminality, but the more they grow/gain market share the more vulnerable OSX wil become... and there is very little one can do about this all.

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    Re: It takes 10 minutes to beat any OSX password

    Yes, old news and you don't even need the OS DVD if you know the Unix codes to create a new admin (about 6 keystorkes). Also why you may want to set a firmware password, which works with Intel Macs:

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