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Thread: Photographers rights... again

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    Photographers rights... again

    Although this theme has been well covered in countless forums all over the internet, Ming Thein offers some deeper views based on his experiences in Malaysia lately:

    Ignorance, fear and photographic freedoms in Malaysia
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    Re: Photographers rights... again

    To me the 2 photos he shows and the corresponding captions are self explanatory of his problems.

    The first image from Europe is a touristy shot. Why would that be a problem anywhere?

    The second as he says is dealing with migrant workers with questionable immigration status.

    It (Malaysia) is an interesting place for photography, I think. Ming Thein's reviews which show faces of people belong to mostly one of the ethnic minorities in Malaysia. I get the impression that is the only group which allow photography.

    Photographers right (according to the local laws) is one thing but dealing with personal views and preferences is another, especially if one wants to continue photographing in their own neighborhood.

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