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Thread: New, bigger, better Fuji

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    New, bigger, better Fuji

    The problem for most will be how to get this photos up on Instaface. First take the photo, then take a photo of the photo with the iDevice, then post it.

    I haven't bought the Mini yet, but maybe this one? Great way to make people happy

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    Re: New, bigger, better Fuji

    My wife gave me an Instax Mini for my last birthday.
    I didn't realise it till I tried to put a print from the mini in my wallet that the overall print is exactly the same size as a credit card, the resulting image being a bit smaller due to the border.

    People are always enthralled at least once to see the image develop.
    At any social event a few grabs with one has people chatting and handing the images around. Loads of fun.

    I can't say why but I love the little images it produces, each image is of course unique and while scannable will never be the same as the one off.

    I believe there is a smartphone wireless printer that uses the Instax film coming soon.

    This new bigger, wider one would be nice but for now I will play with my mini which IMO produces quite a nice IQ.

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    Re: New, bigger, better Fuji

    Instax Share SP-1 is available already. It's a fun printer and you can print directly from your iPhone (Android too I believe) plus I picked up an Fuji X-M1 which will allow you to print directly from the camera too. With the iPhone it'll print anything the iPhone can display plus it's easy to reprint.

    As you say, printing out the little images is fun (they eject from the Instax) and watching them develop is a fun social exercise. People still shake them for some reason, expecting them to develop quicker.

    One helpful tip I picked up was to break off the the little tab inside the cartridge and remove the mylar film from the top end and then you can use it for storing the prints.
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