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Thread: Japanese photogs have more fun

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    Japanese photogs have more fun

    ...or at least it seems they do when it comes to new-product intros, judging by this picture page from a "Panasonic GF-1 Experience" debut party held in Yokohama (to which I was tipped by this post on 1001 Noisy Cameras.)

    Looks as if they had a technical presentation, future products display, hands-on tryouts, cute modelesque product specialists, stuff to photograph, HDTVs for display, place to make prints... looks like fun, and I'll bet it sells some cameras. Where I live in the US (admittedly not a major city) we never see this type of "event marketing".

    Interesting (to me, at least) takeaways from the picture page: the way the hot-shoe cover also covers the connector for the EVF (wonder how many of these covers will get lost?!); the fact that the 100-300 lens isn't all that much bigger than the 45-200; and a short movie showing the flash being popped up and down (it looks sturdier than I would have thought.)

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    Re: Japanese photogs have more fun

    I like the dis-assembled camera/lenses. Could come in handy when I buy one of these (used) to convert for IR next year or so.

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