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Thread: Actual screenshots from the LVF1?

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    Actual screenshots from the LVF1?

    Does anyone have a screenshot of the LFV1? Or, if this is too complicated, a macro photo, taken with another camera, of the display? I am inclined to want one, but want to know just how grainy it actually is.

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    Re: Actual screenshots from the LVF1?

    Might be better to get a comparison to another camera that used an EVF, like the Leica Digilux 2, or the V-Lux (or Panny equivalents). I'm sure it's not worse than either of those and I used them quite well. We've gotten so spoiled with the G1/GH1 EVFs that we need to look at it relatively.

    EDIT: OK, I just looked up a couple things so:

    Panny LVF1 resolution: 202,000 pixels
    Digilux 2 resolution: 235,000 pixels
    Panny FZ50 resolution: 230,000 pixels
    Panny FZ20 resolution: 114,000 pixels

    While it's a shame they can't put the G1/GH1's EVF on the GF1, I dare say that we'll still be able to use the EVF well enough.

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