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Thread: GF1 compared to E-P1

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    Re: GF1 compared to E-P1

    Brian - I just grabbed the GF1 and tested the number of shots.

    With one card either in fast or slow burst I got 7 shots and then the camera slowed until the buffer cleared enough to allow another shot. If you hold your finger on the shutter it will take a shot everytime there is enough room to get the data in the buffer.

    With a different card it was 6 shots.

    Tried it multiple times.

    If it is .2 faster or slower the screen response seems better than the G1. In real life, I've never hit the buffer as that isn't the way I shoot. Although, I just left the setting on high speed because it felt pretty good.
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    Re: GF1 compared to E-P1

    That's strange... maybe dcresource were using a really slow SD card?

    I suspect the exposure / camera settings may also have a significant effect on burst speed - I know that the E-P1 speeds up noticeably by switching off IBIS.



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