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Thread: Swap E-P1 for G1 (UK)

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    Swap E-P1 for G1 (UK)

    Not sure if this is the right place but thought it would get noticed here.

    I have a mint Olympus E-P1 which I am not using because I prefer the Panasonic GF1 which I also have.

    So if anyone here in the UK is intrested the E-P1 comes with the 14-42 lens plus box and everything that is there from new.

    I want a mint or new Panasonic G1 (Black) boxed with everything that should be there.

    This is a great deal even if you bought a new G1 you are still 200 up on the deal, I just do not want to go through the E-Bay route.

    PM me if intrested I live in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.



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    Mark Turner

    Re: Swap E-P1 for G1 (UK)

    I'll swap/px mine for your GF1

    You have pm.
    Last edited by Mark Turner; 24th October 2009 at 08:25.

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    Re: Swap E-P1 for G1 (UK)

    Thanks Mark

    Trade agreed.



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