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Thread: Should I keep G1 kit zooms?

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    Should I keep G1 kit zooms?

    Hello all

    First post here. I joined as this seems one of the friendliest, knowledgeable and most helpful forums I've seen.

    I've currently got the Panasonic G1 with the 14-45 and 45-200 kit zooms (plus an Olympus 9-18). I'm seriously thinking of getting the GH1 for a couple of reasons: I'd like the video capability and would also like the 14-140 zoom as a general walk-around lens so it seems to make sense to get them together.

    I'm likely to sell the 45-200 as I see there will be a 100-300 zoom out next year but I'm really pleased with the 14-45 and am concerned that if I sell this I will be disappointed with the 14-140 IQ.

    Has anyone used both? I appreciate that super-zooms have optical compromises but the 14-140 does seem to have had some good reviews.

    I print up to 18" x 12" (although not often) and my current gear gives me good enough quality for this, especially with careful post processing. Any comments as to whether the 14-140 will give me similar quality would be appreciated.

    Many thanks

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    Re: Should I keep G1 kit zooms?

    I don't have the 14-140 (have the G1 and GF1) but do have the 14-45 and I think its pretty much consensus that it is really quite nice. I'd keep that one for when you don't want to shoot as long--because its smaller/lighter. I'd like faster, but I carry a faster MF primes and the 20 f/1.7 for those times.


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    Re: Should I keep G1 kit zooms?

    I actually like the kit lens myself.
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    Re: Should I keep G1 kit zooms?

    Keep the 14-45! I sold my G1, but have a GH1 and a GF1 now. Including the 14-45, 45-200 and the 14-140.

    my opinions of using both are:

    1) 14-45 better than 14-140 between 14 and 20mm
    2) 14-45 is smaller, lighter and more compact and nicer to carry around than 14-140. The 14-140 makes my GH1 feel like my older DSLR.
    3) 14-45 focuses closer than the 14-140.
    4) 14-45 does a nicer job up close than the 14-140
    5) 14-45 seems a little more stabilized (or less weight to stabilize) than the 14-140.
    6) 14-140 and 14-45 pretty much the same between 20 and 30 or 35mm
    7) 14-140 is better (but marginally so) at 30, 35-45mm than the 14-45
    8) 14-140 definitely better at full extension (45mm) than the 14-45.
    9) with the 14-140 on, you don't need to switch lenses as often.
    10) 14-45 very nice doing video, 14-45 somewhat noisy focus in comparison, but not much really in real life in end product.
    11) 14-140 when doing auto exposure during video, is super smooth in changing exposure, 14-45 you will notice slight jumps up and down. But shoot manually, like a lot of people do, and that benefit goes away.
    12) 14-45 is faster, the 14-140 starts off at 4, but f4 is only for 14mm, at 15mm it is 4.1, and it rapidly reaches 5.8 quicker than you think it would.

    I use the 14-140 when I want one super zoom lens, (not often) and when I am out shooting video and I want to do a lot of AF or full auto (not often) but the 14-140 is really a great lens, and no one else makes such a competent zoom lens with anything close to this range!

    I take the 14-45 with me way more often, however!

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    Re: Should I keep G1 kit zooms?

    I also find the 14-45 an excellent lens, and although I like to shoot with primes too, I used the 14-45 a lot.

    IQ wise, it does the job for my needs.

    Other point to consider : if you want to sell, how much are you likely to get for it ?
    Is it worth selling it at that low price ?
    I've never seen any for sale on places like evilbay !

    E-M1/GH2/G1 Full Spectrum & lots of lenses

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    Re: Should I keep G1 kit zooms?

    it upsets many that the Kit lens is as good as many high quality "prime" (fixed focal lenght) lenses.

    It's as good as my Olympus 21 f3.5 and much better than my FD 28 f2.8 and certainly betters any of my C mount lenses

    not to mention that it has IOS ... if you get a GF-1 with the pancake you'll still have a zoom with IOS to whack on that ...

    AF is great

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    Re: Should I keep G1 kit zooms?

    I just bought the 14-140 to replace my two kit zooms, it should arrive today or tomorrow. Will give you my impressions when I get out to shoot with it this weekend.

    For me, the convenience of not having to change lenses to go from wide to tele outweighed the possible slight hit to IQ. However, I rarely print above 8x10 with only an occasional 11x14. Perhaps I will have some regrets, but life is short and I just want to have FUN with my camera. A neat little package of the 14-140 and the 20 in a small bag suits me perfectly.

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