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Thread: G1 'Film settings" question

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    G1 'Film settings" question

    On the G1 (and I assume GH1 and GF1 as well) you can tweak the various 'film' modes of standard, nature, dyanamic etc. by altering four parameters: Contrast, Sharpness, Saturation and NR.

    The sliders indicate a range from -2 to +2. Default is 0.

    The question is have is if you want to TOTALLY zero out (i.e. turn them off) any of these parameters do you leave "0" or to slide it "-2"?
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    Re: G1 'Film settings" question

    I'd say -2. I take 0 to be the default of the camera.

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    Re: G1 'Film settings" question

    You can never turn them off. By sliding down to -2 you are reducing the effect of that particular setting, but there is still some processing going on. There is a very good exif program called ExifTool (by Phil Harvey, if I'm not mistaken), that was originally written for the Oly E series. This program provides a lot of information that most exif extractors don't, including the actual internal values for each of the modes (standard, vivid, etc.). So, when you set the camera to say VIVID with all controls at 0, the camera may be doing Sharpness+1, Contrast 0, NR+1 and Saturation+2. This means that if you then change say Saturation to -2, the camera is actually doing Saturation 0. I haven't tried this program with the G series yet so I don't know if it will produce the same data.

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