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Thread: Samsung's mirrorless APS sensored camera

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    Re: Samsung's mirrorless APS sensored camera

    I am pretty sure that this is not a deliberate attempt at bias and that you guys are probably reading too much into it. I had read the preview right after it was posted and I know that it started by mentioning that "around a year ago the Panasonic G1 ushered in a new era .........". I had noticed the EP1 related error but didn't have any reason to believe that it is an attempt to mislead considering that they start the article by mentioning the G1.

    Plus dpreview has always been full of praise for panasonic m43 cameras. When G1 was originally launched dpreview had given it an overwhelmingly positive review and declared it to be the future etc etc. In short I don't see any evidence to suggest any bias

    Quote Originally Posted by pellicle View Post
    ... yes they do don't they. I'd want to complain, but that would be

    still, the cunning insert is meaningless as the Samsung isn't a rangefinder camera (any more than the EP is).

    sigh ... still, that's marketing! None the less the site remains valuable as long as you can understand to remove the subtle tint they place on things.

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    Re: Samsung's mirrorless APS sensored camera

    I know there was a thread probably on dpreview discussing whether the Leica M lenses could be mounted on the NX and someone suggested that it might not be possible based in its register distance.

    Quote Originally Posted by Photomorgana View Post
    What is the lens register distance on NX10?
    anyone knows?

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    Re: Samsung's mirrorless APS sensored camera

    Sorry I think that register distance is fine but someone expressed doubt about the mount diameter:

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    Re: Samsung's mirrorless APS sensored camera

    I don't think there's any institutional bias, just natural and individual reviewer bias... contrary to popular belief, they're all human

    The major value, is that there are a good number of highly experienced, and quite generous forum members who contribute corrections and discussion which gets harvested into the reviews. It would be nice to see credits being given to individuals who help with the proofreading - perhaps at the bottom of the reports, but don't hold your breath



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    Re: Samsung's mirrorless APS sensored camera

    I see my usually problem with this style camera, the fauxpentaprism look to hide the pop-up flash.

    It's not an SLR don't make it look like one. I'll keep waiting on my X1.

    "The market wants a Leica to be a Leica: the inheritor of tradition, the subject of lore, and indisputably a mark of status to own."
    Mike Johnston

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    Re: Samsung's mirrorless APS sensored camera

    According to an image showing the camera from the side it is 25.5mm, from the press material:

    That's from DPR. I guess the numbers are rounded as the Pentax K-mount register distance usually is said to be 45.46mm.
    (The Olympus Pen system is 28.95mm)



    (EDIT: That was a reply to photomorgana, posted before I noticed the thread has this second page as well...)

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    Re: Samsung's mirrorless APS sensored camera

    Quote Originally Posted by monza View Post

    Longer flange length will make adapters for some legacy lenses a bit more difficult to design, and the larger sensor will probably make for worse edge performance with RF lenses. That is, if Samsung has a 'shoot without lens' option (not noted in the preview.)

    All those concerns are answered by now.

    Can use any manual lens and will allow for infinity focus of many old lenses. Also, it isn't clear how farther away the shutter is located in this cam. If it is closer to the sensor than the mount, in principle, even c-mount lenses can be used.

    As someone mentioned, the lack of "shoot without lens" is a Nikon curse. Very unique to them.

    I am glad they have the pop up flash there.

    Any market price around 400 Euros would be attractive to me.

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    Smile Re: Samsung's mirrorless APS sensored camera

    Hey everyone here's more info on the NX10:

    A first look with test images and size comparison:

    UK Pricing information as well as information on available kits:

    For sake of comparision:

    The NX10 will cost 599.99 in a kit that includes an 18-55mm lens
    G1 = 449, twin lens is 639
    GF1= 570 with 14-45, 670 with 20mm
    GH1 = 650 Body only, 1070 with 14-140
    E-P1 = 529 with 14-42, 620 with 17mm, 700 twin lens with vf.

    *note that these are prices in the UK in GBP, and also the Panasonic/Olympus prices i've quoted are not full recommended retail prices like the NX10 is, so realistically the NX10 might go for 500 in stores, so I guess its priced to compete*

    NX10's looking very good, hope it makes Panasonic and Olympus up their level - competition from samsung in the mirrorless field should be a good thing regardless of whether u agree with Samsung that they're not in the same market as M4/3rds.

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    Re: Samsung's mirrorless APS sensored camera

    Quote Originally Posted by nugat View Post
    G1 EVF is second biggest among FF cameras after Canon D1. The third is Sony A900. Actually they could have made it even bigger, but then one needs to literally "look around" in his field of view. Seriously.
    According to specs Canon is 0.76x, Sony is 0.74x and G1 is 0.7x, so G1 came third...

    But the OM-1 I had had 1.0x....

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