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Thread: Can the GF1 EVF be used for "peaking" focusing?

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    Can the GF1 EVF be used for "peaking" focusing?

    I first saw the term, "peaking" in a Michael Reichman column on Leicas but it refers to the scintillation effect seen when an EVF comes into focus. Certain finer detail on objects seems to shimmer (a kind of moire effect as the resolution of the EVF and the object detail size coincides) and (like with the old diamond pattern on SLR focusing screens, surrounding the split image) you know the manual lens is in focus. This works very well on the G1 EVF as every scene usually contains that kind of detail, but I'm wondering if the GF1 EVF with its considerably lower resolution produces the same effect? If it does, then the absolute resolution of the EVF is less important. Given its courser resolution, it might even work better, but I'd be speculating.

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    Re: Can the GF1 EVF be used for "peaking" focusing?

    I don't know. I don't necessarily use 'peaking', but I do watch CA--and as it diminishes (when its evident in EVF) the focus becomes more correct. I'll have to notice the 'shimmer' in the G1's. Thinking about it though--I guess I do notice that. I'll have to pay attention in the EVF on the GF1.

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    Re: Can the GF1 EVF be used for "peaking" focusing?

    Yehh...the scintillation effect ... great for focusing cat whiskers on t' G1...


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